Blog No.9 – I’m doing a run tomorrow!

The day countdown has turned into the hour countdown. Ohhh man! I am now getting excited and scared and excited and scared and scared. Bring it on! I am coming for you London! This week has been absolutely mental for me from a work perspective so its helped hide it all a but now its as real as can be! I even have a number so if you want to track me – you can do it via a London Marathon app. My running number is – 50130.

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Blog No.8 – All a bit personal!

Well – here we are. 7 and a half days away from the London Marathon. Its all becoming very real, scary, exciting and lots of other things. I don’t know how to feel – Training has been good and awful. My body is starting to remind me that I don’t have the frame for long distance running. However, some personal news has changed my entire psyche regarding the Marathon. Last week, my 2-year-old nephew was diagnosed as profoundly deaf in one ear and has complicated issues with the other ear and where have his parents gone for help? The National Deaf Children’s Society. The idea of not finishing and not meeting my target has become very real and more serious.

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Blog No.7 – Talk about a Jinx!

“You do it to yourself, you do – that’s what really hurts. Is that that you do it to yourself, just you – you and no-one else” – Thom Yorke.

I should have this tattoo’ed across my forehead for so many reasons. This time – because the last time I blogged on Wednesday 21st March, I said . . . “I haven’t injured myself, which is amazing considering my history”. Well guess what I did the evening of Wednesday 21st March? Answers on a postcard! In lifting a lovely lady onto my shoulder, I decided to slightly tear my calf. Continue reading “Blog No.7 – Talk about a Jinx!”

Blog No. 6 – I’m not Mr T and I’m not funny.

Hello all.

So here I am – with just over 30 days left until the Marathon starts and training is less than ideal because of this bloody weather. What a pain it has been! I tried my best to be like Rocky Balboa in Rocky 4, when he is training in the Russian snow as he prepares to fight the Apollo Creed killing communist Ivan Drago, with Hearts on Fire playing in the background. However my inner Balboa was stayed in the warm and ran nowhere. Continue reading “Blog No. 6 – I’m not Mr T and I’m not funny.”

Blog No. 5 – More than just a Beast from the East

Hello All,

How are we all? Well here I am with another blog to update you of the vigorous training that is turning me into a Terminator that will run 26.2 miles at the end of April (specifically, the Robert Patrick type on from T2). Well I haven’t turned into a Terminator sadly, as with constant work/rehearsals and then the beast from the East (not Bam Bam Bigelow – again, if you get that reference, I love you) my training schedule has gone flying out of the window and to make matters worse for the first time since September ‘16, I have gone up a waist size! Uh Oh, Spaghetti-O, that wasn’t in the plan.

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