Blog No.9 – I’m doing a run tomorrow!

The day countdown has turned into the hour countdown. Ohhh man! I am now getting excited and scared and excited and scared and scared. Bring it on! I am coming for you London! This week has been absolutely mental for me from a work perspective so its helped hide it all a but now its as real as can be! I even have a number so if you want to track me – you can do it via a London Marathon app. My running number is – 50130.

On Sunday, I did my first run for 3 and a half weeks and I did a half marathon (13.1) miles. It took me 2 hours 15 mins. I still would like to complete the Marathon in 5 hours or less, I don’t think that’s possible but I will try my best. The run all is all – was a success, my poorly calf held up, my aching Achilles stayed strong and the first 10 miles were a piece of cake however after that sucked but a lot of that was because I forgot to take some water with me – genius move there Brookes!

Since doing that half, I have just been swimming. Its been rubbish actually because I want to run 10k, I want to cycle 12 – 15 miles, I want to get my body going but I cant. Its poo. It feels like you aren’t building your body with the weird stuff you have to do this week. I’ve lost weight, I feel alright about myself (by fat kid standards) and that’s because I am eating healthy and exercising lots. This week – no exercise and for the last few days ‘carb loading’. I haven’t stopped eating carbs lately, however I am making a concerted effort to avoid them and replace them with other things so I am not used to eating carbs a lot. From Thursday – I have been eating loads of them and it is nowhere near as pleasant as I expected. Wholemeal Pasta, Bread, Rice, Bagels along with other good stuff, it just makes me feel super podgy, heavy and meh! Not a fan.

My bestie Jack and his lovely wife Rhi made me a ‘Marathon survival kit’ full of good stuff but also included Sweets & Cider. It was like a basket of heaven. After the Marathon, I intend to get back to Stratford Upon Avon late in the evening and then sit in a hot bath with my Cider (first one for months) and some Pick & Mix. You have no clue how much this excites me. I am such a child.

I went down to the Marathon Exhibition to pick up my number with my main home girl – Sandy Foster who is running for Tourette’s Action for her nephew Ollie. Super good cause and shes a legend – so if you would like to support her – you can by following this link – – We had to be up at 5.45am, head down to London for 10am and come back up for 2pm for rehearsals. I’m still half asleep. We initially nearly went into the Tony Robbins motivational speech convention and realised thats not what we wanted! Then we walked around random fit looking people, heard a few nice stories in the queue and just got very giddy and excited!

Everyone is worried about the weather and rightly so I think. Initially the rumours of it being 24 degrees was genuinely causing lots of anxiety and worry – however not its seems to have gone down to around 20-21 degrees with a breeze. That I would be happy with, so we shall see. Im loving a run through cold shower though – that’ll be amazing.

I don’t know what to say, this is a sucky ass blog. I am feeling nervous and exciting and forcing myself through this. I don’t want to think too much about it because I will get anxious and I have 2 shows today so that is my focus. Its mad this is happening, I haven’t even been running for a year. Why did I do this? Ha ha. This is mentalism!

Im going to go and write more tomorrow or Monday.

Wish me luck, I think I need it.

G. x

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