Blog No.8 – All a bit personal!

Well – here we are. 7 and a half days away from the London Marathon. Its all becoming very real, scary, exciting and lots of other things. I don’t know how to feel – Training has been good and awful. My body is starting to remind me that I don’t have the frame for long distance running. However, some personal news has changed my entire psyche regarding the Marathon. Last week, my 2-year-old nephew was diagnosed as profoundly deaf in one ear and has complicated issues with the other ear and where have his parents gone for help? The National Deaf Children’s Society. The idea of not finishing and not meeting my target has become very real and more serious.

Due to the amount of work I am doing – I simply haven’t done enough pushing or arranging as I did a few years back and that’s not going to change either. I am the understudy for one of the plays here at the RSC and on Tuesday, we have our opportunity to perform it in front of a few important folk so all my time and energy is in that and it cannot deviate sadly.

My leg is still a little tricky after the calf tear. I’ve done everything I have been told by the Physio so I still haven’t run for 3 and a half weeks, however looking and reading a lot – the jogging isn’t as imperative as you’d think and as long as your general fitness is there and your legs have the muscle memory to know what is expected of them. I’ve been getting up at 7am, heading down to the gym for about 7.45am, then swimming for an hour or cycling between 10 – 15 miles. I have been doing that almost daily for the last month. However, I do think I have to jog for the simple reason is that’s what I’ll be doing on the 22nd! Tomorrow, I intend to do a good 13-mile jog and see how the calf holds up. That’s going to be make or break for me really. I don’t really want to put to much anxiety behind it but it needs to be done so we will see how I get on. Keep everything crossed.

However, as I have said before – I think the fitness levels you need to attain are high, however the mental aspect is the most important thing. No doubt. Whether it’s the ability to push through walls, to carry on, to disassociate or whatever you need to do. I feel I am strong in this respect but the news of my nephew will only help me even more.

His name is Harris, he is 2. He is outrageously cute. Blond hair, blue eyes and always smiling and laughing. He’s had a few issues and my brother and his wife weren’t really sure what was going on. As his immediate family – we were all a tad concerned. Sometimes he was in his own world, sometimes he was respondent – other times he wasn’t, he isn’t overly talkative but he was always so happy and loving (and lovable). Well after a number of tests, that’s when they got their diagnosis. They have professional help supporting them but they’ve also reached out the NDCS and I am sure their work will be so helpful and vital. That’s the thing – he is 25 months, he is so young. With the immediate support him at this age, he will get everything he needs and there will be no significant impact for him going forward as perhaps there would’ve been in the age of my grandparents. The difference in support from an organisation like the NDCS can literally make the difference in his life going forward – the ability to converse, to learn and engage, to develop. I can’t stress the support needed for him will be provided but can only be provided with the funds donated and thus we come full circle.

I still have over half the needed amount to raise – nearly £800. Please help me. Please don’t just ‘like’ my stuff – please donate. Please dont think ‘ill do it later’. Please share it via your social media. Please tell your friends and family. Please do whatever you can.

Thank you.

Graeme. x

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