Blog No.7 – Talk about a Jinx!

“You do it to yourself, you do – that’s what really hurts. Is that that you do it to yourself, just you – you and no-one else” – Thom Yorke.

I should have this tattoo’ed across my forehead for so many reasons. This time – because the last time I blogged on Wednesday 21st March, I said . . . “I haven’t injured myself, which is amazing considering my history”. Well guess what I did the evening of Wednesday 21st March? Answers on a postcard! In lifting a lovely lady onto my shoulder, I decided to slightly tear my calf.

Its not like a tear in the sense of what I did with my bicep, which I nearly tore off the bone. Its just a slight tear, however its possibly the worst timing in the history of the world. To take you back, I had been jogging like a demon and ramped up my training. I had a later call that day so I went for a sports massage to get my legs worked on because they’ve become quite solid and aching. During said massage, my calf was referenced as being particularly ‘tough’. I relaxed it and jogged slightly the following day, got cramp in my calf after 3km and stopped immediately. Relaxed, stretched, applied heat and it relaxed. All was good in the world and then – kaboom, later that night it decides to tell me to stop instantly. The irony that I have spoken about how Mrs Rich was not a physically taxing show and I shouldn’t get injured, whilst the Duchess of Malfi is very physically taxing and the chances of injury are high – and I get injured on Mrs Rich. Grrrrr! Luckily because of the machine that is the RSC, they managed to get me into a physio straight away. It was there after some painful prodding that I was told I had done what I have done.

My natural response was ‘I am DOING the marathon on 22nd April, will it be ok for that?’. The physio felt it would be IF I did everything properly, that included no running for ‘at least 10 days’. To clarify – no running in the build up to the biggest running event I will ever do in my life. The idea of doing a half marathon this weekend and a 18-20 mile run the following weekend all got thrown out of the window. This morning I went back to the physio who felt there has been marked improvement but said no more running until our next appointment, which is Friday 6th April. I am due to run a half marathon in Birmingham on Sunday 8th April – I don’t know if the calf will be ready to run 13.1 miles but it needs to be, so we shall see. Obviously, my body will dictate my actions and I wont be a stubborn idiot just yet as being ready for April 22nd is the priority.

Instead, to make sure I am still doing stuff to keep me physically active and training to a degree – I have started swimming. I haven’t swum properly for years, as an ex-fat kid and current chubster – the idea of stripping down to my shorts in public filled me with dread however needs must. I have swum a few times and plan on trying to swim 5 times per week, I swum 40 lengths and I tell you – Michael Phelps has nothing to worry about, his record medal haul is safe. I was dying – I forgot how tiring swimming is. By the last 10 lengths, I was talking to myself and counting it down like when I run. Bless the lovely old folk in the pool in not so sunny Stratford Upon-Avon, expecting a leisurely swim and instead have a 6’2 fluffy & chubby torpedo talking to himself as I swam past them. What a sight!

Also, what is going on with the Budgie smugglers? I thought that trend had died. Lord above. Why do people wear them? Especially older gents. I could tell the religion of the majority of my fellow pool dwellers. It was grim. However, each to their own after the above description of myself, who am I to complain?

Anyway – I will drop another blog next week to let you know how swimming is going and how my wonky leg is. I currently still need to raise about £900 so please do donate, please do spread the word. Its not long now – please help me make a difference to numerous young people and their families across the UK.


G. x

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