Blog No.3 – I got 99 problems and a jog ain’t one (Well, it kinda is!)

This is a long overdue bloody blog! Like 2 months over due! I am very sorry. I aimed for them to be every fortnight and sadly life has been a little crazy and I haven’t had the opportunity & head-space. Right now, I am sat on a train taking me back to the Midlands from London so it’s the perfect time to tell you about my less than triumphant return to jogging, nearly crying mid jog and Shakespeare (kind of). Also – there are now 99 days until the big day! Uh Oh, Spaghetti Oh!

In my last few blogs – I am aware that I was banging on about how I am going to be running the Marathon but I haven’t actually starting jogging yet . . . Well I have now started jogging and WOW – I really suck! I started off in Cardiff in November. Just 10k, I thought that would be ok. I was wrong, I struggled real bad. Its ok I thought, I’ll be back around the hour mark and striding like a gazelle next week whilst in the picturesque city of York (last week in Nov).

Wrong again! I jogged four times in York again running along the River Ouse, coming in at 10k, 10k, 12.5k and 11k respectively. The last one nearly broke me. I don’t know what happened really. I was jogging away, I had just done a matinee at York Theatre Royal, it was raining (lightly) and about 8k in everything felt like it had just stopped working. The rain got harder, darkness took over both literally and emotionally. I was 2 miles from the theatre, I was cold, hungry, in pain and felt super lonely. I then began thinking – ‘I haven’t ran 6 miles and I wanted to collapse and this wasn’t even 20% of the Marathon’. Then self-doubt and the voice of reason came smashing in like maniacs “what have you signed up for?”, “are you stupid?”, “there is no way you’re going to do this”. I nearly stopped and cried – for real. My lip started quivering and everything. I didn’t drop, I didn’t stop and I didn’t cry but man was that grim. So grim.

Anyway – the point of the story is what? I don’t really know. I was so disappointed and still am that I felt that way during a jog. That wasn’t meant to happen and it really dented my confidence. I am very worried that I felt that way so strongly after such a short period of time. If I am being honest with you here which is what I am supposed to be in a blog, that run amongst other things is still affecting me now. My attitude and drive towards jogging has really been hit hard. Where I would run 4-5 days per week has now gone to 2 days per week (sometimes 3). My desire to beat my time is now just a desire to ‘finish’. My desire to ‘get to 15k or 18k’ is now settling at 10k. Whether it’s the weather (it plays a part), whether its life stress (definitely) but I do know that this is not going to be as easy as I expected. I have finally sought some advice, read some books and they all say that you can complete the Marathon even if you haven’t started properly by the New Year so this gives me faith.

However also some exciting news that further impacted my training. I am now officially an actor with ‘The Royal Shakespeare Company’ so having finished my last theatre tour on 2nd Dec, I then had to move down to London to rehearse everyday 10am-6pm on the 10th. Then in mid Feb I am moving to the home of the RSC: Stratford Upon Avon until August. Pretty amazing. However this meant I was working until Dec 22nd, then had Christmas. Lost the battle with myself and ate lots of crap, drunk alcohol quite a bit (super rare) and didn’t run for a week. Post New Year, new attitude was adopted to try and get my head back to where it was when I was jogging in Cambridge, Salisbury & Exeter last Sept & Oct. I am still rehearsing rather demanding hours in a very physical show but I am now running 3 times per week. Again – only 10k, but it’s a start. Next week, ill be moving to 12k and the week after a few 15k jogs (I have a half marathon in early March!). Its not the greatest but it helps you forget things from time to time, which helps. Also, the jogs in London are nice – I am in digs between Stockwell & Oval, so I run past Oval all the way to Elephant and Castle, split from there to London Bridge, along Southbank (past the Globe & the National . . . One day) and London Eye. Then along the river until Vauxhall, down to Stockwell again. Its very nice and there are so many joggers in London its unreal. As well as lots of joggers, its also so bloody cold but hey ho! Suck it up Brookes.

In picking up my training – I am now going to pick up pushing for donations as I need about 1.6k at the minute so lets get that party going! Ha ha. Please do donate, please do share this blog around all your social media avenues. Please don’t read this and think ‘I will do it in a minute’ – please do it now. I beg you. I will be pushing everyone as much as I can so if I have your phone number – start expecting text messages.

You know who its for and you know why so you know Its for a very good cause and they need your help.

Thank you. Speak soon (I promise, definitely not 7 weeks! Sorry again).

G. x

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