Blog No.2 – The Injury list!

After the personal sentimental warbling’s of the last blog – this is my first proper training blog. How exciting! I can tell you all about where I have run, how far I have run and all that stuff so here goes, so far I have done . . . . Absolutely nothing. Zero. Zilch. Zip. Nadda. Nothing. Nowt. Bugger all.

For the last month I have had my arm plastered at a right angle due to tearing 90% of my left bicep and having an operation to reattach it all. What an idiot. This has obviously halted my training but I still need to blog regularly to attract more people to my page to then get more people to donate for the NDCS but what the bloody hell can I write about when I haven’t trained at all?

Then it hit me – I will tell you about my list of injuries I have had that will then help you understand why my parents reaction when I told them about signing up for the Marathon! It was ‘Hmmmmmm’ (Dad) and “Oh god, are you sure?” (Mom). I’m just trying to create some sympathy that will then make you want to donate really, so here goes –

  • left bicep tear (90%)
  • left knee ACL tear (100%)
  • left knee meniscus tear (80%)
  • 5th metatarsal snap (right foot – steel plated and muscle reattached)
  • 5th metatarsal fracture (left foot)
  • 5th metatarsal fracture (right foot)
  • Achilles Tendon rupture (right leg)
  • Wrist hairline fracture (right)
  • Collarbone fracture (left)
  • Rib fracture (x2)
  • Numerous broken toes
  • Multiple concussions

This is from a collection of injuries coming from years of Muay Thai, Football and generally being “a clumsy oaf”. Now, considering all of this – I just want to assure you that I will finish this Marathon. If I have to crawl and finish behind the person chained to a fridge or whatever madness people do for charity. I just don’t want you thinking you’re donating to some ex fat bloke whose body belongs in a scrap yard.

It’s quite ironic that tearing my bicep actually helped me get to this position and do the Marathon in the first place. It’s funny how life works. In June, I’m doing 10k but going to Thai boxing and doing weights too. I tear my bicep in August. I spend the next 7 weeks not going to Muay Thai and the gym, instead I jog and go from 10k to 10 miles. I jog excessively. I decide to go a half marathon and before I know it – I am doing the big one. I did say I am impulsive.

Anyway – as I write this, my arm is now free (scratching it was so amazing) and I have been told that I can start jogging again so I already intend to do a good 10k tomorrow morning and ease my way back into things. Though tonight I intend to eat some rubbish food (most likely a curry and some sweets) as one last night of naughty food, which brings me onto something – when I jog, sometimes I pump (or ‘do a Donald’) why is that? Do you? Is this normal? Sometimes I will run and I now eat quite healthy food and I’ll be jogging along and you’d think you were listening to the soundtrack to ‘Brassed Off’. It’s ridiculous. My thought is – I don’t think I’ve run the night after having a Curry. That may be a bad idea. I shall let you know next time (I won’t)! Ha ha.

Take Care all.

Graeme. x

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