Hello! Thanks for visiting my page. I am Graeme and I am going to be running the London Marathon on the 22nd April, 2018 in aid of National Deaf children’s society.

A few things to make me, my plight, my blog and my story sound relatively appealing –

  • I have never run a Marathon before.
  • I don’t particularly like running.
  • I am quite impulsive.
  • I love a Pick & Mix.
  • I only started running ‘outdoors’ in June 2017.
  • I didn’t know runners nipple was a ‘thing’.
  • I like wearing compression socks, I feel weirdly hot in them (in ‘that’ way).
  • I didn’t realise people offer you sweets as you run.
  • I frequently air drum whilst running.
  • I shout ‘come on’ out loud when I am tired during a run.
  • I once walked 146 miles in 7 days to watch Walsall FC lose badly at Wembley.
  • The free sweets are not the reason I am doing the London Marathon*

I will be blogging about my training and life (they are linked really aren’t they?!) from November until I do the Marathon in April. I will try to entertain you with tales of training, share my laundry list of injuries and at the same time try and be real about the whole experience from someone who is not going to become the next Mo Farah or Paula Radcliffe. I will just try and make you laugh, smile, think and hopefully donate.

If you want to know why I am doing this – I would implore you to read my first blog as I intend to keep this blog as a personal diary and let you know about it from a personal perspective, however the main focal point of this campaign, website, blog etc, etc is to raise money for the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS), which is a very worthy cause as well as one close to me personally.

The National Deaf Children’s Society offers pivotal support for children and families in the deaf community (or new to it) as well as professionals working in or that are new to the community. In a time and climate of cuts, funding issues and more, it is proving hard for organisations to meet the needs of their clients. the NDCS are doing this but they need help through channels such as this to maintain the amazing work and support they offer. I feel its imperative to show our support to charity’s at and I am asking you to please donate whatever you can afford, you can donate and read more about the NDCS by following the link below –


If you could share this website and the blog with your friends and family and via social media platforms, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Graeme. x

*It is a contributing factor